Agricultural Drones

FI Agricultural UAS is a high-performance unmanned aerial system crafted for the optimum smart agriculture solution. Relentlessly improved with eyes on every detail that develops the perfect type of industrial design, it creates new dimensions of operation efficiency, precision and safety. Harnessing stronger power to support higher payload, FI Agricultural drones further optimises the cost-effectiveness of crop spraying and granular spreading. Accurately and safely delivers more in less time.


  • Precise and Efficient Delivery
  • Rotary atomisation spraying, high-speed airflow granule spreading, the best performance ever.
  • Autonomous on All-terrain
  • Preload 3D landform, enhanced flight safety.
  • RTK CM-level Positioning
  • Dual RTK and optic flow positioning combine to navigate at high accuracy.
  • MIMO 4D Imaging Radar
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance now in four dimensions.
  • Max. 20L Capacity Or flexible support of 12L/16L (liquid) and 16L (granule).
  • 15min SuperCharge
  • 2 smart batteries and 1 Auto SuperCharge Station render non-stop operation.
  • IP67 Protection
  • Highly modularised, waterproof and dust-resistant, simply rinse to clean.
  • AI Prescription Map
  • Variable-rate Application. Grow more with less.